Thank you from our Kenyan visitors

During the course of last week, many of you will have seen or met with one or all of the four visiting clinicians from our partnership hospital in Nanyuki, Kenya.

The four visitors were Dr David Njoroge, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Medical Superintendent and now Minister of Health for Laikipia County, Dr Sammy Kilonzo, Consultant Paediatrician, Edward Kaibiria, Director of Nursing, and Stanley Mwangi Wakomo, Clinical Officer in Anaesthetics.

They have asked for their thanks to be passed to all staff in the hospital.  They were really touched by the warm welcome they received from everyone they met whilst here, not only staff but also the public.  They were extremely grateful for the time that so many staff spared them and for all the information and knowledge shared with them.  They already have plans for changes to be made to their practice, some that can be implemented immediately and others that will take a bit of time and planning.

The ongoing partnership between our two hospitals means a great deal to us in Torbay and the benefits will now be felt more widely following on from Dr Njoroge’s appointment as Minister for Health for the central region of Kenya.

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