The Kenya Orthopaedic Project was represented at the Global Frontiers Conference at the Royal College of Surgeons, London on the 13th January 2012.

The conference was an opportunity for NGO organisations from around the world to present their incredible work throughout the developing world.  It was truly amazing to listen to all the groups describe how they help to improve the lives of people that are unable to access healthcare.

At team from EGHO, consisting of Alice Inman (physiotherapist), Adam Beebeejaun (Medical Student), Robert Lofthouse and William Tice (consultant surgeons), gave a presentation about the amazing work done by the KOP teams.

A great deal of interest has been gained from this exposure, resulting in a significant increase in applications to join the KOP projects in the future.

This conference was a unique opportunity to work together with other organisations to make a sustainable change so that low-resource countries get the surgical opportunities they deserve. It was a platform to spread the word of what EGHO does and gain support for all future endeavours.

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