Support Team Talk

To become part of this important and new approach combining sport, education, health and improving lives, you can support Team Talk in one or more of the following:


Fund a Community Health Support Worker

For £1700 annually this:

  • Funds the salary and housing for one community health support worker.
  • Provides on-going training for the support worker and education of the community.
  • Supports girls, women and the rest of the community in adapting to cultural change.


Fund a Tag Rugby Coach

For £500 annually this:

  • Funds a Tag Rugby coach to visit four schools every three months.
  • Provides the opportunity for young leaders to be trained by the Tag Rugby Coach and attend a coaching programme in Nairobi.
  • Trains the trainers – school teachers are trained by a Tag Rugby Coach.


Provide Equipment and Support

  • Training
  • Transport
  • Playing kits (bag, balls, bibs, tags)
  • Organisers’ kits (bag, manuals, whistles, bibs, cones)
  • Tournament kit (posters, caps, trophies, certificates, wrist bands)


And Other Ways

There are many other ways to help such as:

  • Making Team Talk a preferred staff charity.
  • Inviting us to speak at an event for your organisation.
  • Select one of your employees to join or help project directly.
  • Sponsor health and sanitary products for girls in the community.


Please contact us for more details.



We provide you with:

  • A six monthly update on the project progress.
  • The addition of your logo and contact details and acknowledgement of your help on our written materials.
  • If you wish, the placement of your logo on one or more items of equipment (subject to practicality).
  • A speaker for events where possible.
  • Pictures and news specifically related to your support.
  • If your organisation travels to Kenya, then an opportunity to see the projects and meet some of the people involved.

And most importantly, the knowledge that you are playing your part in:

  • An opportunity that makes a real difference …
  • An innovative approach that is really working …

With Team Talk Tag Rugby