Achievements and Goals

What We’ve Achieved and Where We’re Going

Team Talk uses Tag Rugby combined with education to develop mutual respect and understanding between girls and boys and women and men.

It engages and empowers girls and women in communities in Kenya where females are disadvantaged. It reacts to the request of community elders to encourage females to go to school, marry outside their community and prevent young pregnancies and marriage.

Skills learnt through girls and boys playing together in Tag Rugby are translated into social and health messages consistent with everyday life in today’s Kenya.

Trust, team work, self-confidence, assertiveness are taught on the field used as themes in the education sessions to build self-belief in the girls and mutual respect and understanding with the boys.

Sexual health is also taught; boys are encouraged to think about their social responsibility and girls empowered to say no.

Youth leaders are trained to teach rugby after the project and teachers are taught how to referee.

One teacher and one community lead are educated in continuing the education sessions and support for the girls.

There are opportunities for all participants in the programme to attend ‘work experience’ in local towns for a variety of jobs.

We aim for the top boy and girl in each final school year to be sponsored through High School.


Results from the Pilot Project

In January 2010 only nine girls across all four of the participating schools reached standard Eight, which is the final year of primary school. The Head Teachers of these schools see a 30-50% dropout rate from pregnancy and marriage of girls across all years after the Christmas break.

After the Team Talk pilot project, in January 2012 there were 37 girls in the final year of primary school in the schools and all girls had returned to school after the Christmas break.



The success of the Team Talk pilot project and the enthusiasm of the community to continue the project in their own and neighbouring villages demonstrate the potential Team Talk has to change lives for the better by working with and through the community.

Initiating a cultural change in any community is a lengthy and difficult process which must be done in a sensitive manner with full support from community leads.

Team Talk uses the innovative approach of sport to bring a vital health and education messages to girls and boys. The project builds confidence in youth, and its education themes are recognised by pupils, parents, teachers and elders as assisting in the changes that they themselves wish to bring about.

The project has brought new energies, enthusiasm and aspirations for the girls and women in the community, and with your help many other communities in Kenya can also benefit.