Team Talk

An opportunity to make a real difference …

An innovative approach that really works …

What is Team Talk?

Team Talk is a fresh approach to aid the Maasai community in Kenya – one of the poorest and deprived groups in Kenya.

It has the support of the community and we proved that Team Talk works with a pilot project covering four communities in late 2011 and early 2012. The successful pilot bought measurable outcomes to children, parents and the wider community.


What does Team Talk do?

Team Talk directly improves the lives of girls, enabling them to play a fuller role in the family and the wider community.


Why do it?

Women and girls are significantly disadvantaged within the Maasai community and female education and self-confidence are key to long-term family prosperity, health and well-being.

Traditionally between a third and half of all girls drop out of education between the ages of 12 and 17 – due to marriage and pregnancy.


How does it do it?

We use sport – in fact Tag Rugby – with girls and boys playing together.

This gives an exciting and enjoyable way of building self-confidence, life skills and bringing health education. Everyone joins in.

After each Tag Rugby game all participants join an integrated gender education sessions.

Sustainable change takes time, and this sensitive approach is:

  • Appreciated by the community elders and women themselves.
  • Expected to increase the participation of girls in primary education to 90% over a ten year period.
  • Will directly lead to a reduction in both early marriage and young mothers.


How can you help?

You can help us roll out the project so that Team Talk Tag Rugby and its important messages can be brought to many more schools and communities.

We want to fund, with your help, at least two Team Talk Rugby Community Health Projects per year, provide a Community Health Support Worker and a Tag Ruby Coach. Find out how you can support Team Talk here.