Rural Healthcare


EGHO also supports the work and development of rural health care clinics in Kenya.

Healthcare is a sparse commodity in rural Kenya, and hugely valued by those lucky enough to have access to some form of meaningful health care system.

Many people live miles away from clinics or hospitals, and smaller clinics are often irregularly staffed and intermittently stocked with drugs, meaning long journeys for the sick are often disappointing.

Through working in Kenya we have witnessed the basic health care needs of people living in rural Kenya and the enormous difference that could be made with basic health education and health care provision.

Lewa Healthcare Programme

Lewa Healthcare Programme was set up in 1997 with the opening of Lewa Clinic.

Lewa Clinic was initially set up to cater for the staff of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy however through  working alongside the Wildlife team Lewa soon realised the enormous health needs of the surrounding communities and the health benefits Lewa clinic could offer to both adults and children in the community.

The nearest hospital to the clinic is 40km away with the majority of patients being unable to afford transport to the hospital, let alone the medical bills to pay for treatment.

Consequently many resorted to using traditional methods with the many side effects these can bring.

Lewa set out to run education programmes to the communities outlining the benefits of Child immunisation; Malaria prevention; Family planning counselling and HIV awareness.

Leparua Clinic

It was through these outreach education programmes that we came across the village of Leparua.

Leparua is a community north east of Lewa with a population of approximately 6000. The people of Leparua had no access to health care facilities and had to walk for five hours across a dangerous safari park to reach Lewa Clinic or seven hours to the nearest hospital; a tough task for anyone, let alone in the midday heat with sick children.

Outreach clinics were initiated fortnightly, run from the Lewa clinic whilst fundraising was commenced to raise money for a full time clinic at Leparua.