The Primary Trauma Course is well underway in Kitale and everyone involved in both teaching and learning are thirsty for more..ptc teaching

A Lecture given by Dr Sylvester Mutoro Chief Superintendent of Kitale Hospital informs us of how over 100 trauma patients are seen everyday in Kitale and the team at the hospital have been wanting trauma training for some time, finally they are receiving it! He also stated:

“Our Clinical Officers  see 70-80 patients per day. There is not enough time to do a systematic approach for each patient.”

 “Out patients are received, rarely go through systematic assessment, but are wheeled to the ward immediately. In the ward they meet the nurses who may take vital signs but very few interventions are done. They then call Medical Officers, who may be delayed, and depending on the patient they may take action or call the senior medical officer or refer the patient. If they refer the patient there are only two surgeons our hospital and we may or may not be available to see the patient.”
“This training is very important and we are happy to see it in our hospital. Thank you very much”
Let’s see what the rest of the course has in store and how it prepares clinicians to approach and manage trauma patients.. watch this space..
A sneaky insiders picture of the course in action – Christoph McAllen and Daniel Kasoo are working to prepare the station for airway management and trauma chest drain insertions – PTC is hands on and teaches life saving skills!
chest drain

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