Help the Kenya Orthopedic Project to continue and develop by making a donation today

The financial cost of Orthopaedic surgery is prohibitive for most patients and their families.

Many thousands of Kenyans are not able to pay for surgery which would enable a parent to return to work and provide for their family, or give a child the chance to walk.

Why not help make a difference in the life of someone in need and sponsor their costs? Why not consider helping a needy patient today by making a donation for an Orthopaedic implant? The impact of your donation would transform the life of someone in desperate need. Examples are shown below:

The cost of each mission is £16,000 with the surgical equipment costing £10,000, anaesthetic £3,000, Drugs and Dressings £2,000 and patient fee costs £1,000.

This money covers the cost of the expensive Orthopaedic equipment and implants needed for the patients, as well as Anaesthetic drugs, antibiotics and pain killers. The volunteers pay for their own airfares, and accommodation for the trip. Why not consider a donation?

  • buy a standard plate and screws for fracture fixation (£100)
  •  buy a Schanz bone pin which will be used to join a broken bone to a fixator device (£95)
  •  buy two Rush pins to stabilise a child’s broken femur or tibia (£20)
  •  buy two wires which would stabilise a child’s broken elbow (£10)
  •  buy an AO external fixator rods and clamps which will be used repeatedly for fracture fixation and limb reconstruction (£1,200)
  •  buy the reusable kit needed to implant a bone plate (£1,500)

Please let us know if you would like your donation to be used exclusively for patient treatment costs.

Donations can be made easily through via Paypal or credit card on our Virgin Money Giving Page, alternatively you can send a donation via BACS to:

Exploring Global Health Opportunities (EGHO)
Account: 63589293
Sort Code: 20-60-88

Thank you for your support